Agradecemos a la Empresa TORRE que apoya el taller “Color y Vibración” con materiales de papelería, pegamentos y lápices, entre otros artículos.

Colour and Vibration

A multy-sensory experience in the new Art and Technology exhibition room.

August 2011 – August 2012
Art and Technology exhibition room
Cultural Center Palacio La Moneda

The fundamental concept underpinning the exhibitions at the new Art and Technology exhibition room at the Cultural Center Palacio la Moneda is to enable the visitor to become an active player through the creative use of multimedia technologies and languages. In line with the new languages that identify current audiences, especially young people -a public that has become a priority for cultural policies- the visitor is invited to an interactive experience revolving around various themes.

Open to all age groups, this pioneer exhibition room, the first of its kind in our country, seeks to provide each and every one of our visitors without exception, with an integral experience of participation, learning, and creation that involves the person physically, mentally and emotionally through the creative use of new multimedia languages.

Designed for all age groups, this first experience called Color and Vibration will be open for a year, from August 31, 2011. The exhibition consists of a series of interactive installations in the exhibition room on level-3, which generate a dynamic recreational and virtual path, combining visual, sound and/or tactile stimuli, arranged both in physical space and the Internet. In order to generate this experience digital and analog media such as touch screens and interactive projections are used.

The exhibition draws on several studies on color and shapes, using different sources, such as the meaning of color in pre Columbian cultures and the influence of the Bauhaus and Ulm University in Chile -including Chilean contributions to the theory of color- and the use of color in digital environments. Its main challenge is to create a dynamic context to introduce the public to the perceptual and symbolic phenomena of color.

The exhibition room is divided into five areas, an area for information and induction; another for digital culture workshops; an immersive color room where visitors can create an enveloping atmosphere of light stimuli, and an interactive table and wall allowing the interaction of several people at the same time. The results of the interactions in the exhibition room will be posted in virtual galleries in the Internet, allowing visitors to perpetuate and share their participatory experience.

The exhibition includes an extension program with workshops and talk cycles, among other activities, aimed at the community in general and more specifically at high school teachers and students. Additionally, in the future it will also include an online Mapping of Color consisting of a database containing information on people, experiences, schools and research work conducted in this field.

The installations and applications were developed by the Department of Art and Technology of the Cultural Center Palacio La Moneda, in collaboration with Chilean multimedia artists and designers.

The exhibition also features an online version, hosted on the website of the Cultural Center Palacio La Moneda, which is being renovated. The emphasis on new technologies and the Cultural Center´s communication with the public is also present in the information service desks and in the audiovisual and digital resources used as museographic elements for exhibitions. These have already characterized some of the main assemblies at the Cultural Center, such as the exhibition Ancient China and the Terracotta Army.

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