El Nuevo Diseño Italiano


The exhibition ‘El Nuevo Diseño Italiano’ gathers the work of 133 contemporary Italian designers with 288 projects from the Triennale Design Museum di Milano.

El Nuevo Diseño Italiano
From December 6th to March 30th
Monday to Sunday 9:00 am to 7:39 pm
General admission fee $2,000 | Students, special agreements, elderly $2,000.
Free access until 12:00 pm

This exhibition, which depicts a general vision on the contemporary Italian design and its bonds with economy, politics and technology, is brought to our country thanks to the managing of the Triennale Design Museum di Milano the Centro Cultural La Moneda and the Universidad del Desarrollo.

An adventurous, multifaceted and unique showing that will be available for the Chilean public between December 6th, 2013 and March 30, 2014.

This is a trip that accounts for the processes of the Italian national movement from the 20th century to these days, offering a rich, diverse experience that goes from unique to mass-produced pieces, pieces of art, industrial productions, communication media and diverse design objects graphic media, multimedia, furniture, jewelry, accessories, foods, and more.

It is a reading of these processes and an adventurous attempt to explore new paths, as stated by its curator, Silvana Annicchiarico, ‘We need a new capacity to explore and take risks, and even lose our way, only to find it again. The new exposition of Italian design is an attempt to follow that road’.

After its first presentation at the Triennale di Milano, in Milan (2007), the exhibition has been to Madrid (2007), Istanbul (2010), Beijing and Nantou (2012), Bilbao (2013) and recently at the Galerías Cannery, in the Universidad Academia de Arte, San Francisco, in the context of 2013: Year of Italian Culture in the United States’. Now it’s turn for Santiago.

Quoting Alejandra Serrano Madrid, Executive Director of Centro Cultural La Moneda, El nuevo Diseño Italiano opens new horizons not only to designers, but also to consultants and researchers in areas as diverse as food design or graphic design.

This is an unprecedented proposal, bond to the Italian tradition of great design masters to create new sceneries that can receive new forms, markets and economies’.

The president of the Triennale Design Museum, Arturo dell’Acqua Bellavitis highlights the work and creativity behind the exhibition: ‘The work performed by these young designers allows us to grasp the multiple languages in the world of Italian creativity and the investigation lines existing in the world of production, which keep their market leadership through technologic innovation keeping an anthropocentric that usually settles to smiles, new sensibilities with the environment and the search for well made beauty’.

Alejandra Amenábar, dean of the Facultad de Diseño de la Universidad del Desarrollo, points that: ‘Being able to appreciate and live this exhibition positions us in front of the future and allows us to shorten the intellectual distance in front of the relevance of the incorporation of design in the processes and the generation of value, since probably there are few disciplines more creative and able to improve the productivity as design does; a key tool for development and innovation’


El Nuevo Diseño Italiano features the noted work of young designers that, through both talent and associativity, achieve to position themselves at world level, highlighting the value of the creative process, and not only the final products.

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